Episode 001 – Mafra, Portugal

Leah and Simon journey deep into the mountains north of Lisbon to track down the colony of organs of Mafra.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/organsafari/Episode_001_-_Mafra_Portugal.mp3 ]


Mafra National Palace.

Mafra National Palace.

Library of the National Palace.

Library of the National Palace.

Just one of the six (!) organs at Mafra.

Just one of the six (!) organs at Mafra.

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To check out more music from the organs at Mafra, start here:



5 thoughts on “Episode 001 – Mafra, Portugal

  1. Most interesting first episode – hoping we are not allergic to cats as we are looking forward to more of the music as well as the travelogue.

  2. Great show from Mafra! Imagine having six organs to maintain. Gives a whole new meaning to a Church Music Budget. Are you able to have access to some of these organs? Are folks in Portugal all pumped up over FIFA soccer in Brazil? Perhaps we could hear a traditional Canadian organ “cheer” that is played at a Montreal Canadiens hockey game. (FYI – LA leading NY 3 games for Stanley Cup Final). Looking forward to the next episode. – Trent

  3. Hi Simon and Leah! Loved hearing the Mafra organs and am looking forward to your adventures across Europe. Thanks for the shout out to Phoenix.

  4. Following you on your podcast… Being a cyclist and an organist, naturally I’m green with envy! I would love to hear a complete, ‘spotlight’ piece every now and then– e.g., perhaps a complete Prelude and/or Fugue in one of Bach’s old stomping grounds?
    Keep it up, post often!

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