Episode 006 – Organ Music in Iberia

Two weary travelers look back on a month in the Iberian Peninsula: its deserts, its organs and its misadventures.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/organsafari/Episode_006_-_Organ_Music_in_Iberia.mp3 ]


PDF Link: Organ Registration Guide 1770 Segovia Cathedral

Segovia Cathedral Epistle Organ

The Epistle Organ in the Segovia Cathedral—Pedro de Echevarría, 1770

Segovia Cathedral Pipe Façade

Front Centre Pipes, Segovia Cathedral

Segovia Cathedral Manual

Gold-Gilt Manual, Segovia Cathedral




One thought on “Episode 006 – Organ Music in Iberia

  1. Thanks, Simon and Leah, Glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying your trip. Am very much enjoying your pod-casts—–keep them coming. Looking forward to having you both back at the Fort in a few weeks. Ride carefully, and, enjoy the rest of your adventures. Kathy

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