Episode 024 — The Cinema Organ

Perhaps we should have called the episode “The Theatre Organ”, because the specimens we examine are all American. Pith helmets girded tight, safariers Leah and Simon venture into the wilds of California to study this little-understood animal.



Episode 023 — Brother Georg’s Organs

In our many years of safariing, this is the craziest piece of pipe organ DIY we have ever come across. Brother Jorge’s Organ San Patricio contains parts of dozens of other instruments and has been a lifetime in the making.



Episode 022 — Sion

His stupefying single-mindedness yet again on display, Simon brings us another contender for the world’s oldest organ—this time from the wilds of a Swiss mountaintop. Oldest or not, the organ at the Valère Basilia in Sion, Switzerland is a singularly fascinating beast.


Sion 1

Sion’s Valère Basilica fairly looms over the town.

Sion 3

Of note: the scene of St Catherine on the left panel, and the 19th century sub-bass pipes sticking up behind the organ.

Sion 2