Join intrepid organists Simon and Leah as they wander the wilds of Europe seeking out pipe organs in their natural habitat!

Tune in via podcast as our intrepid duo bicycles from Lisbon to Rome, presenting instruments, players and builders of interest.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for a wonderful podcast :) If you ever come to Denmark I shall happily show you the golden age organ i Sakskøbing church, where I am the organist. It is a 150 years old instrument, build by Daniel Köhne, 17 stops, 2 manuals and pedal. Story in short is: Köhne returns from Paris where he has studied organ building by none less than Cavaillé-Coll, gets his first job after his return, building an organ for Sakskøbing church, makes an offer of a very french inspired instrument with 20 stops, gets it turned down by the parish council who wants no such outlandish and new instrument, settles for a german inspired organ with 17 stops, but Köhne the Cunning makes all the reeds in a french way thus making a fantastic hybrid instrument, which stand 90% original even to day. Come, see, listen :)

  2. I was looking for information about the Norrlanda organ and stumbled on your excellent report, including music on the wonderful Mads Kjersgaard’s excellent reconstruction. I wondered whether in your search for the oldest organ you had come across the two Tudor organs which we made for the Early English Organ Project see http://www.goetzegwynn.co.uk/organ/the-new-wetheringsett-organ/ with soundfile from recording with Magnus Williamson and Gonville and Caius Cambridge choir, and a third which we made for a Bangor University Wales research project with prof. John Harper – see http://www.experienceofworship.org.uk and our website if that doesn’t work (including another recording of music for Westminster Palace ca1500). Also you may not be aware of the reconstruction by Winold van der Putten in the Netherlands of his reconstruction of the Rutland Psalter organ http://www.orgelmakerij.nl/orgtheophilusorgeldu.html. It is pretty magical.

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