Episode 014 — St. Andreas

In an attempt to satisfy his Captain-Ahab-esque obsession with finding the oldest organ in the world, Simon journeys to the St. Andreas church in Ostönnen.


St. Andreas organ facade

The gothic facade of the St. Andreas organ. Game of Thrones should film here.

Pipes in chest

A look at the innards.

St. Andreas roller board

A shot of the roller board during the restoration. Is there a hole right in the middle?

Drill holes in the windchest

The very first Mastermind board? Nope, it’s drill holes in the windchest. Not exactly modern precision but hey, it works.

Bellows at the Halberstadt cathedral

Bellows at the Halberstadt cathedral.

Episode 013 — Jacobikirche

Heads on the old console stop knobs. It reminds me a little bit of "Guess Who".

Heads on the old console stop knobs. It reminds me a little bit of “Guess Who”.

In the last episode involving our experienced wilderness tracker Ed, we visit the Schnitger organ in Hamburg’s Jacobikirche. In the words of Albert Schweitzer: “This organ will become the pilgrimage destination of all organists of the old and the new world.” Well, it has for at least one lucky Canadian.


Schweitzer Jacobi Organ Appraisal

Episode 011 — Lubeck

Buxtehude and Bach, bombs and beautiful organs, and a blend of blood-curdling artwork—just in time for Halloween. Join safarist Simon and our guest, the mad trapper Edward Ocampo-Gooding as they visit the churches and organs of Lubeck, Germany.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/organsafari/Episode_011__Lubeck.mp3 ]


The main organ at the Jakobikirche

The main organ at the Jakobikirche


Dr. Seuss, before Yurtle the Turtle


Jakobikirche Stoplist

Снимок экрана 2014-10-27 в 14.20.07

“Now Johnny, here’s how to improvise a fauxbourdon… Johnny? Are you listening?”


Totentanzorgel Stoplist


Art in the Totentanzkapelle